B.S. in Biocomputational Engineering

Career Pathways

Students in BSE LabThe D.C., Maryland, and Virginia metropolitan area is at the forefront of emerging technologies and innovation in the life sciences sector, serving as a hub for biotech, biomedical, and pharmaceutical research.

The Biocomputational Engineering program, offered through the University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering, is designed to train students in the fundamentals of engineering and life sciences with strong skills in computational methods and data science. Through combining the growing fields of bioengineering, life sciences, and data science, the Biocomputational Engineering program is poised to have a significant impact on society.

The objective of the Biocomputational Engineering Program is to provide a breadth of fundamentals in the field of bioengineering, a discipline grounded in physics, chemistry, and biology, with quantitative problem solving. Students will develop skills in computation and data science that can be applied to the modeling of complex biological systems and the analysis of complex biological data sets in order to create new knowledge from the molecular to organ to system levels, and to develop innovative processes for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease.


Upon graduation, students will be well-positioned to pursue further education or enter directly into the emerging biopharma, biotech, and biomedical industries centered in Maryland and throughout the mid-Atlantic region. Potential in-demand careers include:

Bioinformatics Scientist
Image Processing Specialist
Validation Specialist
Computational Genomic Specialist
Synthetic Biology Consultant
Statistical Geneticist
Health Informatics Consultant
Machine Learning Computational Neuroscientist

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